Sunday, February 19, 2012

thousands miles away

ermm days go day by day . at last i have a quite long conversation *fighting with you . huh . should i be the one that just sad or the one with that so sad ? i dont really care about that . but for me last night fight really make me feel arhhh . im tired of all this . long distance relationship was quite hard for me . seriously . i have so much to say but you so far away .really far away . plans of what our future holds sometimes. foolish lies of growing old . it seems were so invincible . the truth is so cold now. sometimes im quiet confident but sometimes i lost hope . 

hujan renyai-2 bertambah lebat buat aku tambah feel dengan lagu dear god kumandang . i hope this would be long lasting . aminn . 

*because im lonely and im tired of missing you away .
well some search never finding away 
before long they waste away
 . i found you , something told me to stay
 . i gave in , to selfish way . how i miss someone to hold when hope begins to fade*

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