Sunday, February 12, 2012

nahh down -__-

( i )
last night was tragic . i dont have a chance to update my bloggie . damn , lipas hitam terbang telah spoilt mood aku sepanjang malam.damn aku rasa sangat depressed down segala-2 perasaan . i feel useless . because i cant even answer geografi form2 question . ohkay , im totally lost . ahh i cant even remember that . yess kesian adik aku . i should be the one yang guide her . but i cant even answer that simple question . so today i woke up very early and try to check the reference book and study . hell . its so long i didnt do somethnig like this . study .its quiet difficult until i have to ask him to guide me .

( ii )
im begging you pakcik driving school . please give me lesen P as soon as possible . seriously i do need it .so that i can took my family everywhere. i keep wondering . kenapa flow nak amik lesen dekat malaysia sangat susah dan sangat lah mahal . i dont think everyone can afford it. but im sure everyone need that damn much. see now i cant even send my sister to the school this evening . so that she would miss the badminton class .
im feeling guilty about that. im here at this house but i can even help her with that.  

 ( iii )
i text him first . ermmm . its his first day there . takpe for the first week i would text him first . then for the second week i will just wait and see . i hate it when i have to wait for you . please understand me . eventhough im not telling you .