Friday, February 10, 2012

long lasting friend

last conversation with you keep reminds me all those things happen ; 

syairah aqilah , adilah farhanah , atira fauzess , umu aiman , azmalia alias , fatin hawani, adawiyah zulkifli , khairunnisa kamarudin , miera azman , azila azahar , awatif hashim , ainul saadah  and all of my friends out there . 

dear bestfriends
youre stupid. you fail . youre weird . youre not perfect .
but thats okay . im like that too .
we laugh at the randomest things .
you know my ugliest side .
eventhough were disagreed sometimes ,
when im sad youre always there to make sure im okay .
thanks for being there for me .
i cant promise you that i would be there for you anytime you need me ,
eventhough were now not close to each other
but i promise that  will try to be in your shoe
damn , ahh why ? why i keep remember those sweety memories we have been together . btw , aku tak sabar tunggu nak amik result yang super duper . mwant to meet you guys . hope so eventhough ade yang dah pergi futher study . hah , jelessshh .

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