Monday, May 27, 2013


i nak jadik macam yuna dengan aizat boleh?

"andai nya ku hilang, biarlah lagu ku jadi temanmu,
tidak semestinya semua cerita cinta kan berakhir sesempurna seperti kita impikan"

goodnight love,

sejak Qi clash dengan Yuna, i tengok jalan2 cari makan pun takde selera.
sejak Aizat rapat dengan Yuna, i jadik suke dekat kumis Aizat.

Sunday, May 19, 2013



i tought ths would be the most enjoyable night, im wrong. not too wrong, theres still a little bit taste of enjoy here and there with all buddies. 

im the one that was being so tegar, for not paying fr this night. it cost me rm60 for only one night. lol .
did you know with this money?
i can buy 2 pairs of shoes, at least cotton on shoes
i can eat subway almost 4 times.
i can watch my favourite movie fr 4 times (without couple seat)
and rm 60 boleh buat belanje makan for 2 weeks dekat UPM( ish ish)
bla bla bla

it started when all the ballons were all realesed to the ceiling, wehuuuu (awkward cheers)

and end with the photography session by me, of course me (fitrazainal) the one who love herself to be in everyone camera.

cheese cheese plus that peace peace


dont have any boyfriend here, to be sedondon(saying this with tears)
but gratefull to have a lot of girlfriends! 


 anonymous : weh mule mule kaula ala-ala PR (parti pembangkang) yg against  HICOM (kerajaan) menentang bayaran dinner! 
 ni apesal kau ade terpacak malam ni?

yaya and me : theres an angel come and paid for our rm 70 ! 

by the way, anuar zain malam tu memang buat aku melting kuasa 3


My hell-yeah-holiday started with this kind of speech.

Thank you for knowing me the deepest. For remembering the little things. For those lonely nights where all I could hear was the sound of your voice till I would awake with you telling me how I snored. 

Thank you for the little notes, the way you'd notice the smallest things. The way I'd laugh and how my eyes observed the things around me. 

Thank you for reminding me who I was everyday, to be strong and to cope when I was full of dislike towards what I was doing. How we'd stop to prioritize and continue what we've started.

Thank you for teaching me to appreciate and to care. To be my muse of writing and to love what I loved to do.

 Thank you for teaching me of hurt and love, which led me back to where I was supposed to be.


tulis padam. tulis padam. tulis tulis simpan lagi sekali.
tangan gatal nak tulis, tapi takde hati nak luah, 
tangan rase nak berlari atas keyboard, tapi hati taknak cakap.

kronik kronik.
lets start our holiday journey . hell yeah!